The PDF version of a list of all invited sessions and invited speakers is available here.

The following are the list of the organizers of all invited sessions:

  • Amy Wu, York University: Recent Advances in Statistical Methodology
  • Changbao Wu, University of Waterloo: Advances in Analysis of Complex Data
  • Chengguo Weng, University of WaterlooPredictive methods in insurance and finance
  • Dehan Kong, University of Toronto: Causal Inference for Complex Data Challenges
  • Dongsheng Tu, Queen’s University: Recent Development in the Statistical Modeling of Complex Data
  • Grace Y. Yi, University of Waterloo: Handling Complex Featured Data: Challenges and Methods
  • Jingjing Wu, University of Calgary: Statistical Inferences and Applications
  • Juxin Liu, University of Saskatchewan: Statistical Methods For Complex Data
  • Lang Wu, University of British Columbia: Challenges in the analysis of survival data
  • Lang Wu, University of British Columbia: Statistical inference with constraints and complexities
  • Linglong Kong, University of Alberta: New Techniques for Modern Data Analysis
  • Longhai Li, University of Saskatchewan: Statistical Learning Methods for High-dimensional Data
  • Peijun Sang, University of Waterloo: Functional Data Analysis
  • Pengfei Li, University of Waterloo: Recent developments in empirical likelihood method
  • Pengfei Li, University of Waterloo: Statistical inference in mixture and other nonregular models
  • Shirin Golchi, McGill University: Bayesian Methods in Biostatistics
  • Wei Liu, York University: Advances in Longitudinal and Survival Studies
  • Weixin Yao, University of California, Riverside: New advances in complex data analysis
  • Wenqing He, University of Western Ontario: New Development in the Analysis of Complex Structured Data
  • Wenqing He, University of Western Ontario: The Analysis of Complex Structured Data
  • Ximing Xu, Nankai University: Stochastic Models for Dynamic Biological Data
  • Xuewwen Lu, University of Calgary: New Developments of Statistical Methods for High-Dimensional Data and Complex Sampling Designs
  • Yan Yuan, University of Alberta: Advances in Statistical Prediction with Real World Applications
  • Yeying Zhu, University of Waterloo: Innovative Computing Methods in Biostatistics
  • Ying Zhang, Acadia University: Recent Developments in Statistical Methods for Skewed Longitudinal Data and Time Series Data
  • Yize Zhao, Cornell University: Recent Advances of Statistical Methods for Emerging High-dimensional Biomedical Applications
  • Zhengwu Zhang, University of Rochester: New advances in nonparametric statistics for big data